Thick Fillets

For thick fillets, cook it as long as possible on the skin side to let the skin get crispy and release from the grates, then flip it.

Keep It Together

The larger the fillet, the more moisture it retains throughout the cooking process. So, grill whole fillets first, then cut them into smaller serving portions when they’re done.

No rest for the wicked

Unlike most meats, wings are great right off the grill, no rest necessary.

Mother’s Day – clean

First cookout of the year? Remember to give the grill and grates a good cleaning beforehand.

Apple Juice Spray

Use a spray bottle filled with apple juice to spritz ribs while on the grill.

Finger Test

You can use your finger to test for the perfectly done steak by feel.

Stuffed Burger

Once you’ve mastered the basic burger, try this stuffed burger recipe from champion pitmaster Chris Lilly

Cooking Oil

A drizzle of cooking oil on the newspaper makes it burn longer — much the same way the wick of a candle burns for a long time.

Bricks – charcoal

For higher-heat searing, you can place bricks in the bottom of your grill to move the charcoal grate closer to the food.

Big Birds

Big birds like turkeys and large roasts cook best using an indirect cooking method like the parallel configuration or the charcoal snake.