For a restaurant quality sear to your steaks, place a couple bricks in the bottom of your grill to raise the lower cooking grate. This way, your steaks will sit two to three inches above the coals for a higher heat sear.

Juicy Burger

For an even juicier and more flavorful burger, try adding a little ground pork to the beef. In some parts of the U.S. they call this a “sooo-eee” burger.

no lumber

Never use lumber scraps for smoking. Lumber is often treated with chemicals that can be harmful to you when used in cooking.

Grill Vents

The vents on the top and bottom of your grill are the best ways to change the flow of oxygen and increase, decrease, and stabilize coal temperatures.

Searing Meat

Meat sears better when you resist the temptation to move it. Only move the meat in case of a flare-up.


Size matters. Small, portable or hibachi-style grills need much less charcoal to obtain high temperatures.

Lamb Lolipops

Try lamb lollipops. Carefully french the bones all the way down to the eye of the loin, removing most of the meat and fat between bones. You will be left with a small, cylindrical piece of meat with long bones attached. Slice the loin eye between the bones for this lollipop-looking entrée.

No Breadcrumbs

Many recipes call for coating the outside of the rack with an herbed breadcrumb mixture. This is great for the oven, but not the grill, as the breadcrumbs will burn.

Gamey Lamb

Smoke flavor complements the slightly gamey flavor of the lamb. Often just the charcoal itself lends enough smoke flavor. But if you want to add additional smoke flavor in the form of wood chips, do so sparingly so as not to overpower the flavor of the lamb.

Mint Lamb

Mint flavor complements lamb perfectly. Some people still love the flavor of traditional mint jelly to accompany the lamb after barbecuing. Others prefer to just apply some finely chopped fresh mint before barbecuing.